Student Activities

Student Activities

DRBU Student Activities offers diverse opportunities for learning, encourages student leadership and community engagement, and promotes healthy, balanced and active lifestyles among the student body by organizing campus-wide social gatherings, opportunities for community service, recreational activities, and other events. Student Activities also oversees and supports student-run clubs.

What kind of events are there at DRBU?

Student Activities organizes a wide range of events, including social gatherings, lectures and workshops, and recreational activities. Examples of events that Student Activities regularly organizes include movie nights, board game nights, monthly birthday parties,  hikes and other outings to local nature preserves, community service projects, and workshops on martial arts. Our events reflect the interests and needs of the DRBU community. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about the kinds of events they would like to see.

Can students help organize events?

There are often opportunities for students to work in Student Activities as part of their Service Scholarship. In addition, all students are encouraged to take an active role in organizing events and activities that they’re excited to share with the community. Students interested in organizing an official DRBU event should first consult with Student Activities. 

Do students hang out together outside classes?

DRBU has a diverse student body with diverse social needs. While some students come to DRBU in order to pursue a more solitary spiritual practice, others view socializing as an important part of their DRBU experience, as it provides an opportunity to relax as well as a chance to deepen bonds with the community. It is common to see students hanging out together in the student lounge in between classes or at the end of the day, chatting, doing homework, or playing games. 

Are there sports teams?

As DRBU’s student body is very small, we are unable to maintain organized sports teams. However, there are always opportunities for students to pursue recreational activities individually or in groups. Students are encouraged to organize recreational activities that reflect their interests and the interests of other students. Activities that have been organized in the past include group hikes, soccer games, basketball games, badminton, and workshops in yoga, tai chi, and martial arts. 

What are student clubs?

Student clubs are student-led organizations that host events on a regular basis. Clubs can be academic, artistic, or recreational in nature, and can focus on learning new skills, hosting events, or simply spending time together. Student clubs vary from year to year, depending on the interest and availability of students. Current and past clubs include Art Club, Chinese Speaking Club, Interfaith Club, Knitting Club, Pali Club, Student Choir, Student Magazine, Spanish Club, Three Treasure Tea Club, and the Venerable Master Legacy Club. 

How do I start a student club?

Students interested in starting a student club should reach out to Student Activities. New clubs require at least two students to serve as club officers, and one faculty member to serve as a sponsor for the club. All new clubs will need to be approved by the Dean of Students.