Residential Life

Residential Life

The residential experience at DRBU is a fertile ground for embodying wisdom and kindness. To facilitate this opportunity for growth, DRBU Residential Life strives to create a dorm environment that supports students in their academic studies, self-cultivation, and participation within a caring, interdependent community. Residential Life oversees the student dorms, maintaining a staff presence to offer programming and support students in their various needs. Campus housing is available for all full-time BA students, and for full-time MA students subject to availability.

Are there special first-year dorms or language-themed dorms?

Students live together with undergraduate and graduate students and DRBU staff. DRBU exists in a multi-lingual, multi-generation environment, and learning to live and work together in such a diverse environment is an essential part of the DRBU experience. In your dormitory you will meet students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else. 

Can I live off-campus?

Living and working cooperatively in a diverse community is a great benefit of studying at DRBU, and all students are encouraged to live in the dormitories. Graduate students may choose to live off-campus. Undergraduates must live on campus unless granted approval by the Dean of Students to live off-campus.

Can I bring my car to campus?

Yes, you can bring your car to campus. A car is not necessary while a student at DRBU but many find it helpful. Our campus is located in a rural area with limited public transit or walkability to commercial areas. For students living in the Sudhana Center dorm, a car offers more flexibility for getting to main campus. A car is also the most convenient way to access errands in town or visit nearby attractions. For students without a car, the Office of Campus life runs a shuttle system and organizes periodic trips to town and to off-campus activities. While on-campus, we are walking- and biking-friendly in order to support CTTB's environment of spiritual contemplation and environmental sustainability.

Can I bring my pet to campus?

No pets are allowed in dorms or on campus-grounds. Students should register assistance animals such as guide dogs with the Office of Campus Life.