Residential Life

Residential Life

The residential experience at DRBU is a fertile ground for embodying wisdom and kindness. To facilitate this opportunity for growth, DRBU Residential Life strives to create a dorm environment that supports students in their academic studies, self-cultivation, and participation within a caring, interdependent community. Residential Life oversees the student dorms, maintaining a staff presence to offer programming and support students in their various needs. Campus housing is available for all full-time BA students, and for full-time MA students subject to availability.

Does DRBU have prefects or RAs?

Residential Coordinators work together with Residential Assistants and student leadership to plan and organize dorm activities. Dormitories at DRBU are self-governing, with University staff present for guidance and support.

Are there special first-year dorms or language-themed dorms?

Students live together with undergraduate and graduate students and DRBU staff. DRBU exists in a multi-lingual, multi-generation environment, and learning to live and work together in such a diverse environment is an essential part of the DRBU experience. In your dormitory you will meet students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else. 

Can I live off-campus?

Living and working cooperatively in a diverse community is a great benefit of studying at DRBU, and all students are encouraged to live in the dormitories. Graduate students may choose to live off-campus. Undergraduates must live on campus unless granted approval by the Dean of Students to live off-campus.

Can I bring my car to campus?

Our campus is walking- and biking-friendly in order to support CTTB's environment of spiritual contemplation and environmental sustainability. In accordance with this goal, parking is limited on campus, and students must apply for parking with the Office of Campus Life.

Can I bring my pet to campus?

No pets are allowed in dorms or on campus-grounds. Students should register assistance animals such as guide dogs with the Office of Campus Life.