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The University offers an integrated curriculum that weaves together nine distinct strands: Buddhist Classics, Western Classics, Chinese Classics, Indian Classics, Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, Rhetoric and Writing, and Music. The core curriculum consists of primary texts—BuddhistWesternIndian, and Chinese Classics—studied and discussed in a pro-seminar setting, conducted in the spirit of shared interpretive inquiry. Through a close reading of primary classics, students are able to enter into the dynamic dialogues from which many of these texts emerged.

A focus on classical texts can thus provide a foundation for a lifelong pursuit of learning, ever-deepening inquiry, and self-reflection. Classes aim to encourage and guide students in their efforts to activate their inherent wisdom and capacity for direct and personal understanding. To this end, students and faculty interact closely as they mutually explore through dialogue and discourse. Discussion is intended to create a lively yet respectful atmosphere in which to clarify, present, exchange, and challenge ideas. Such thoughtful exchange is enhanced by training in the art of thinking, writing, and speaking effectively—the aim of the Rhetoric and Writing strand.

Graduates of this program acquire a breadth of knowledge, intellectual skills, habits of mind, and ethical sensibilities that are essential to success in almost any endeavor. They are equipped to be active, thoughtful, and caring citizens of the larger world and smaller communities to which they belong. Overall, they will be ready to play a meaningful role in society and to enjoy a life that is purposeful, productive, and humane. 

Students are admitted through a rolling admission process throughout the year in which each student is evaluated for their unique academic achievements, record of service, and commitment to study in relationship to the program.

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