DRBU retains full discretion to withdraw an offer of admission at any time. An offer of admission may be rescinded if the University discovers behavior, past or present, that brings into question an admitted student’s honesty, maturity, moral character, or ability to follow the DRBU Student Code of Conduct.

Rescission Process

  1. The Admissions Committee makes the decision to rescind an offer of admission, whether for academic reasons or for questions of character. 
  2. If the Admissions Committee receives new information regarding an admitted student’s academic performance or prior behavior that gives rise to questions over the admitted student’s character or ability to succeed at DRBU, the Committee will convene to review the new information and make a determination. 
  3. The Admissions Committee will vote at this time on whether to rescind the offer based on the new information.
  4. Should a majority of the Admissions Committee vote to rescind admission, a member of the Admissions Committee will inform the admitted applicant by letter, phone, and/or email, that their admission has been revoked outlining the grounds for the rescission and the process to appeal.

Rescission Appeals Process

  1. The applicant may appeal within 15 calendar days of notice of the rescission decision. The 15 days starts on the date of the applicant’s first notice of the decision, whether by phone, email, or letter. 
  2. The applicant must explain the circumstances of their actions, and address the concerns outlined in the rescission letter.
  3. If the rescission appeal letter does not directly address the expressed concerns or questions from the rescission letter, the applicant’s appeal will be automatically denied. This denial is final. 
  4. Upon receipt of the appeal letter, the President will create an ad hoc Appeals Committee to review the appeal. The committee will consist of senior administrators and/or teaching faculty.
  5. The Appeals Committee will review all information, including the initial application, the grounds for rescission, and the letter of appeal and make a determination whether to accept or reject the admitted student’s appeal.
  6. The Appeals Committee will notify the student of its decision within 30 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. 
  7. Decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.