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The Master of Arts program in Buddhist Classics provides an understanding and appreciation of Buddhism through close reading and careful analysis of its primary sources. The curriculum, spread out over a two-year course of study, is designed to expose students to key ideas and issues of the Buddhist philosophical tradition. Six core courses focus on major and minor works that cover the wide range of genres, styles, practice, and forms that make up the Buddhist experience. This core is complemented by five courses on hermeneutics, comparative and Buddhist, which examine methods and theories of interpretation, and a language study component based on the idea that grasping the meaning of a text is enhanced by reading it in its original language.

Courses in Buddhist Hermeneutics will introduce students to understanding Buddhist texts within their own paradigm so that they are shared as a pragmatic search for living a meaningful existence with purpose, knowledge, integrity, and virtue. The emphasis is on examining the interaction between theory and practice, and helping students explore how to manifest that balance within their own cultivation, and pass along those teachings to others.

Many of our prospective graduate students have a foundation in personal practice and a strong interest in a systematic exploration of key Buddhist texts.

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