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Whether you are applying to DRBU as an undergraduate student out of high school, a transfer student, a homeschooled student, a nontraditional student, an international student, or you’re interested in applying to our Graduate program, we are sure you have many questions.

Fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the curriculum, faculty, campus life, application process, financial aid, or anything else.

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DRBU is a unique educational opportunity and hearing about it from one of our Admissions Counselors is a great way to learn more and get your questions answered. Our admissions counselers can set up in-person or virtual visits. They can help with the admissions process to make it as smooth as possible and guide you through the process.

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Current DRBU students are happy to talk to prospective students and share their experience. Our current students are a great resource for learning about the unique programs and campus at DRBU.

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