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DRBU offers a classical, broad-based Liberal Arts degree with an integrated curriculum based on classical Eastern and Western texts.  Students delve directly into these texts in small seminar classes, which emphasize a spirit of shared inquiry and mutual exploration.  Intertwined with strands of classical languages (Chinese or Sanskrit), mathematical theory, natural sciences, and musical appreciation, the curriculum is designed to cultivate critical thinking skills, ethical awareness, and the development of multiple perspectives on the human condition.  This four-year program offers a close-knit community and focused campus environment ideal for study in the beautiful Ukiah Valley of Mendocino County. 

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The graduate program in Buddhist Classics provides an understanding and appreciation of Buddhism through close reading and careful analysis of its primary sources: sutras/suttasabhidharma and sastras, and sila texts.  The DRBU faculty includes ordained Buddhist monastics and long time lay practitioners that understand Buddhism from an experiential perspective as well as an academic one.  This yields a unique community of scholar/practitioners devoted to the cultivation of inherent wisdom and offering a most unique and unparalled opportunity to study classical Buddhist texts in the Mahayana and Theravada traditions along with a classical language (Chinese or Sanskrit).

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