The DRBU Summer Program in Contemplative Philosophy is excellent preparation for students heading to college. It introduces you to the academic rigor and critical thinking skills required in a college classroom, as well as the independent and communal living you will experience in a college dorm. The program is especially ideal for students looking to engage more deeply in the pursuit of ethical and intentional living.

College Academics

The program offers a unique and comprehensive preparation for college and for life. By immersing yourself in the Seminar, Contemplative Exercise, and Arts Workshop, you will gain invaluable experience in developing your close reading and critical thinking skills, fostering independent thinking, and participating in thoughtful discourse. These skills will empower you to excel in college courses, where critical analysis and intellectual engagement are paramount.

Supportive Community

Through living in community with others, you will learn valuable lessons in collaboration, empathy, and communication, which are fundamental to success in college and beyond. The experience of living in a dormitory setting will lay the foundation for a successful transition to college life.

Tools for Living

Through our holistic contemplative approach to education you will acquire practical tools to manage stress, cultivate emotional well-being, and develop resilience. These skills will prove indispensable in navigating the challenges and demands of college life.

Applying to College

Our experienced faculty and staff can support you as you navigate the college application process, whether it’s finding the school that’s the right fit for you or getting advice on how to write a stellar college essay.