2023 Seminar on Reading & Translating Buddhist Texts
July 31 – Aug 6, 2023

Dharma Realm Buddhist University
City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Ukiah, CA

This seven-day seminar held in the peaceful setting of a Mahayana Buddhist monastery in Ukiah, California—the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, will introduce participants to early Buddhist literature. This year, the seminar will offer six tracks of Buddhist text translation. (Those who know only the target language(s) are also welcome to apply. They can serve as editors in the groups).

  • (A) From Classical Chinese to English;
  • (B) From Classical Chinese or English to Spanish;
  • (C) From Classical Chinese or English to Norwegian;
  • (D) From Classical Chinese or English to Vietnamese;
  • (E) From Classical Chinese or English to French;
  • (F) From Classical Chinese or English to Korean; and,
  • (G) From Classical Chinese or English to Arabic.

Working with Buddhist monastics who are experienced translators, participants will read a selected work and related commentaries.

Seminar Outcomes

  • Read and translate a selected Chinese Buddhist text
  • Use key reference tools for the study and translation of Buddhist texts
  • Attend daily meditation and ceremonies
  • Participate in other activities of interest


  1. Those applying to (A) should have at least one year of Classical Chinese before applying. A limited number of exceptions will be granted to interested applicants to (A) who are qualified in other ways.
  2. Those applying to (B), (C), (D), (E) (F), or (G) should either be native speakers or have some experience reading literary texts. Knowledge of English, Chinese, and Buddhism are preferred but not required.

Knowledge of Buddhist history and philosophy is helpful, but not required. Applications will be accepted based on suitability.


$200.00 (food, lodging, and materials)



Covid protocols

In order to ensure everyone’s health and well-being, we recommend that participants be up to date on vaccination, which includes receiving any booster shots that they are eligible for. There will be a Covid test on the day of arrival and regular testing during the retreat. Masks may be required indoors. Participants who test positive or develop symptoms during the retreat may need to return home. We also ask that participants reduce their risk of exposure starting 5 days before the retreat. More details will be shared closer to the seminar.

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and hold varying academic degrees. For bios of selected faculty members, see Faculty.

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