Can we let go of the attachment to the “self” before facing our shadows and phantasies? What insights does Buddhism offer into the nature of consciousness and perception? How does modern psychotherapy help us understand who we are and address underlying traumas?

Join us in an exploration of Buddhism with Western psychology in a contemplative container! It will be a time to recharge, reflect, and renew your inner spirit while serving others with heartfulness.

Spaces are limited. Please sign up early.


Saturday, June 1, 3:00 pm – Saturday, June 8, 11:00 am, 2024


We will follow a daily schedule of recitation, seated meditation, sutra study and community work. 

All participants must participate full time and take up residency at Sudhana Center for the whole duration of the retreat to maintain the community atmosphere.


Breakfast and lunch will be served. We encourage everyone to uphold the 8-Precepts during this retreat. (Please see guidelines.) For those who need it, a simple dinner of fruits and bread will be served in the evening. Please note we are unable to accommodate special dietary needs.

Covid-19 safety measures

In order to ensure everyone’s health and well-being, we recommend that participants be up to date on vaccination, which includes receiving any booster shots that they are eligible for. There will be a Covid test on the day of arrival and regular testing during the retreat. Masks may be required indoors. Participants who test positive or develop symptoms during the retreat may need to return home. We also ask that participants reduce their risk of exposure starting 5 days before the retreat. More details will be shared closer to arrival day.

Application process

Please fill out the application. Space-permitting, we will follow up with an interview via phone, Zoom, or in person. If you are not admitted to the retreat, your full payment will be refunded. Given the length of the form, you may find it helpful to work on your answers in a separate document and then paste them in.


Please apply

Fees for retreat

  • Basic Costs: $500
  • Pay It Forward: $750 (support others)

If you wish, you can donate online to support our programs.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made 10 days prior to arrival day, refunds will be available minus the $25 application fee. Cancellations made less than 10 days before retreat arrival day do not qualify for a refund. Registration is non-transferable.

Tentative Schedule

Morning Ceremony
Seated Meditation
Breakfast, cleanup, personal time
Sutra Study – Lecture
Seated Meditation
Meal Offering
Clean up, personal time
Great Compassion Mantra Recitation
Seated Meditation
Afternoon Class / Group Discussion ​
Seated Meditation / Dharma 101 ​
Simple Dinner, cleanup, personal time
Evening Ceremony
Evening Lecture
Seated Meditation
Three Refuges; Universal Worthy Exhortation

Retreat start and end time

Arrival day: Please arrive between 3pm-5pm to check-in and get your room assignment.
Last day: The retreat will end at 11am

Noble Silence

To maintain an inner and outer environment of concentration, we will observe Noble Silence throughout the retreat. However, participants may speak during discussion periods and lectures, and as-needed during community work.

No Digital Devices

Please ‘unplug’ and refrain from using digital technology like cell phones, laptops, tablets and music players during the retreat. This week is a rare opportunity to look deeply into our minds free of the distractions from our devices (while giving others the space to do so as well).

Service as Practice

Service plays a central role in the overall retreat experience by bringing the Dharma into daily life, supporting others, and creating a sense of community. During the retreat, everyone will be given a simple work duty such as kitchen-prep, cleaning, and dish washing. We hope to foster an environment where work, study, and practice are all integrated into one holistic experience.


DRBU Sudhana Center
225 South Hope Street in Ukiah, California

Contact Us

Please email if you have any questions.