Process for Event Proposal

  • DRBU student, faculty, or staff member may submit an event proposal

  • Information for event proposal submission:

    • Name of event and description

    • Host of event and contact information

    • Which PLO(s) event aligns with

    • Location, date, and audience size of event

    • How the Committee can support this event with logistics (room set-up, sound, etc.)

  • Email the with your proposed speaker’s name, affiliation and possible topic to get started.

  • Proposal is reviewed at following Symposium Committee meeting

Event Review and Approval Process

  • Student or faculty submits a proposal through the online “Symposium Event Proposal” form

  • Committee convenes bi-weekly to review events based on the following criteria:

    • Alignment to Program Learning Outcomes

    • Credibility of speakers

    • Connection to texts covered in the program’s curriculum

    • Students’ interest and impact on students’ learning

    • Recommendation from Dean of Academics and professor(s) of respective field

  • Committee members take turns to be the liaison with the host.