Symposium Events


Symposium events extend learning outside the classroom, complementing DRBU’s academic programs with activities in contemporary issues and scholarship.

These activities aim to build community and raise awareness of global issues in ethics, politics, spirituality, culture, and the environment, with a goal to inspire and broaden discussions around DRBU’s academic programs. The juxtaposition of the classical texts and the Symposium activities mutually illuminate the curriculum and these contemporary issues.

Process for Event Proposal

  • DRBU student, faculty, or staff member may submit an event proposal

  • Information for event proposal submission:

    • Name of event and description

    • Host of event and contact information

    • Which PLO(s) event aligns with

    • Location, date, and audience size of event

    • How the Committee can support this event with logistics (room set-up, sound, etc.)

  • Event Proposal Form can be found on-line:

    • Form will also be available on DRBU website in the near future

  • Proposal is reviewed at following Symposium Committee meeting

Event Review and Approval Process

  • Student or faculty submits a proposal through the online “Symposium Event Proposal” form

  • Committee convenes bi-weekly to review events based on the following criteria:

    • Alignment to Program Learning Outcomes

    • Credibility of speakers

    • Connection to texts covered in the program’s curriculum

    • Students’ interest and impact on students’ learning

    • Recommendation from Dean of Academics and professor(s) of respective field

  • Committee members take turns to be the liaison with the host.