Yanik Davison

Yanik Davison
BA student | Class of 2021

San Diego

What was I doing before DRBU?
I was working various jobs, my last one being at the California Conservation Corps in Ukiah.

Influential class I’ve taken:
Chinese Classics

Influential book I’ve read:

Concept that blew my mind:

Challenge(s) I faced:
Giving up certain things that I had made into habits.

How has DRBU changed me? 
I have learned to be more self-reflective and I am becoming more motivated to become self-reliant.

What surprised me about DRBU?
The deep wisdom within the texts we read.

What’s your service scholarship (work study) job? 
I am a landscaper, and I also love working with children.

Do you have a daily practice— if so, what is it? 
I love being active, so I have been taking steps to better my health throughout my DRBU journey.

What do you do for fun? 
I love to paint, walk the outdoors, and practice kung fu.

How has financial aid played a role in your being here? 
It is the sole reason I am able to attend.

How does what you’re learning here carry out into the world?
It is really about becoming comfortable in your own shoes, and learning to be patient with yourself and others, and never giving up.