Phoenix Winters

Phoenix Winters
BA student | Class of 2023

Healdsburg, California

What was I doing before DRBU?
Attending junior college

Influential class I’ve taken: 
Chinese Classics

Influential book I’ve read: 
The Daodejing

Concept that blew my mind: 
Too many to count!

Challenge(s) I faced: 
Understanding cultures very far divorced from my own.

How has DRBU changed me?
It's made me a deeper thinker, a more considerate person, and a prouder artist.

What surprised me about DRBU?
How willing the teachers are to have personal, constructive relationships with the students.

Title of a recent paper?
"Truth as an Invention of Humanity"

What is it about?
It is a response to concepts on truth presented by Neitzsche.

What is it really about?
It's about the relationships between humanity, the truths we create, and the stability of those creations.

What language are you taking?
Classical Chinese

What’s your service scholarship (work study) job?
I work mainly as a librarian in the campus library, but I also work on the farm.

Do you have a daily practice— if so, what is it?
I read a couple random chapters of the Daodejing before I sleep to give my mind something soothing to focus on.

What do you do for fun?
I make and modify my own clothes, practice playing music, and play Dungeons and Dragons.

How has financial aid played a role in your being here?
The fact that I won't have student debt upon leaving here takes a massive weight off my mind.

How does what you’re learning here carry out into the world?
That's something I'm still figuring out, but I like what I'm seeing.