Billy Leong

Billy Leong
BA student | Class of 2023


Cameron Highland, Malaysia. 


What was I doing before DRBU?

I was working in the hospitality industry. I own and manage a travel company and a boutique hotel in Malaysia. I am now a working student, attending classes and, with the help of a group of colleagues, managing those offices. Both of my businesses are award winning entities. 


Concept that blew my mind:
The teaching model of DRBU--shared inquiry--has been a revelation. I learn and have a direct encounter with the primary texts. Both the art of the teacher leading the discussions and my cohorts’ sharing, make the learning experience profound. Everyone, along with the texts, is a teacher to me.   

How has DRBU changed me?
I came here to change my bad habits which I had picked up from years of work in the commercial world. I see learning not only as learning new values but also eliminating bad habits—like being judgmental, stubborn, egotistical, etc. I see and realize change in myself, slowly but surely. 

What surprised me about DRBU?
DRBU is a cultural melting pot. The positive energy here has the ability to hold many things in harmony: Buddhism in the West, a profound university within a monastery, a mix of cultures of the East and the West, and the many learned professors working here.     

A recent paper:

What is it about?
Human nature

What is it really about?
Why is studying human nature important?
Why and how do we see human nature in ourselves?
How do we cultivate our human nature to be good?
How has Mengzi guided us in cultivation through the texts he left us 2,400 years ago?

Do you have a daily practice—if so, what is it?
Meditation. This practice helps to focus my awareness on the present moment, bringing harmony to mind and body. 

What do you do for fun?
Gardening. I enjoy seeing the colors and harvests in the garden. It is like words of kindness from one’s mind and speech. It magnifies inspiration and provides vital energy for me to explore a more wholesome tomorrow. 

How does what you’re learning here carry out into the world?
The immediate benefit is how I can now relate these teachings to my business back home. I have about a hundred staff in total. I share these values with my staff, extending them to all our customers and clients. The learning at DRBU supports me in building a stronger team of service professionals.