Students Create the Venerable Master Legacy Club

  • From left to right: Omar, Professor Douglas Powers, Kristina, Nahelia, and Quinn
  • The first VM Legacy Series talk given by Professor Emerita Dharma Master Heng Chih - August 29th
  • DM Heng Chih answering a question from the audience - September 5th
  • Alan and Terri Nicholson sharing their past experiences living at the old Gold Mountain Monastery - September 12th
  • Chancellor Emeritus Ronald Epstein hosting a Q & A session - September 26th
  • Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong demonstrating martial arts with an audience member - October 22nd
  • Reverend Heng Sure telling a story about his experience as a monk under Master Hua’s guidance - November 3rd
  • Professor Douglas Powers recounting his first few years with Master Hua - November 13th
  • DRBU President Susan Rounds tells a story about Master Hua - December 13th

At the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, four students, Quinn Anderson (BA 1), Omar Masera Astier (MA 1), Nahelia Aguilar Castillo (MA 1), and Kristina Zavaleta (BA 4) created the Venerable Master Legacy Club. The club hosts events on the second floor of the University Building, during which, disciples of Venerable Master Hsüan Hua share their personal experiences with their teacher.