The Spirit of Creativity at DRBU

Nov 28, 2019

Creativity lies at the heart of a liberal arts education. Philosopher Martha Nussbaum pointed how art frees the mind, stating, “artists . . . always ask the imagination to move beyond its usual confines, to see the world in new ways.”  DRBU embraces the spirit of art and creativity through exhibits, student art projects, and art classes.

This fall, the DRBU Arts Initiative offered a pottery class at our on-campus art studio. The class takes a Zen (or Chan) approach, utilizing breathing and timing while working with clay.


“Nature is a good and wise advisor, a contemplative teacher … if I pay attention,” says Martin J. Verhoeven, Dean of Academics at Dharma Realm Buddhist University. Contemplative Photography, an exhibit of landscape photographs by Verhoeven, is on display until November 30 at the DRBU University Building. The photographs were taken while kayaking and hiking in the Maine wilderness.


DRBU BA student Jiaying Chen created a short film titled "The Snack Time." The film was shot on campus by Chen and stars fellow DRBU students as cast. The film can be viewed on Youtube.