• Dillon Balmaceda, BA '24
  • Hasan Friggle, DRBU Staff
  • My family's altar. My grandfather built the wood stand, and my grandmother arranged the statues. - James Nguyen, MA '22
  • Ken: Harmony, Purity, Reverence, Equanimity 和清敬靜 - Ken Cannata, DRBU Staff
  • Martin Verhoeven, DRBU Faculty
  • Norbel Casas, BA '22
  • Simon Yang, MA '21
  • The photo of three trees is taken from my backyard patio. At times, it has been a view that has provided me with the greatest clarity and insight. All my life, at times, to just sit and look at trees has been a very grounding experience. - Stan Shoptaugh, DRBU Photographer
  • Indoor Altar - Stan Shoptaugh
  • The catwalk in Grace Cathedral San Francisco (also a favorite reflection space) - Stan Shoptaugh
  • Residents at Sudhana Center gather for evening ceremony. - Taken by Xiaojuan Shu
  • June 12, 2016 at Opera Caffe e Tulipani in Bologna, Italy: I spent much of my 20s looking for my sacred space and this was the first time I found it across the world at an old medieval canal. - Thao Phi

September in Photos

Oct 5, 2020

We asked our DRBU community to share what they consider sacred space. See what they shared!