Recent Student Activities

  • A meeting of the Ten Thousand Hands Art Club
    A meeting of the Ten Thousand Hands Art Club

Art Club The Ten Thousand Hands Art Club was established in the fall of 2018 to create a comfortable and creative space for the learning, practice, and appreciation of art and art-making. Club activities include structured workshops on techniques such as working with acrylic paint on paper, drawing fundamentals, and portraiture, as well as “open studio” meetings that provide materials and a space for people to drop in and explore the art-making process at their own pace. Club co-founder Yanik Davison says, “We want our visitors to have fun while creating pieces that they will cherish and share with friends and family.” According to a student who participated in one of the club’s activities, “It was like stepping into a time warp. The world just stopped for a while. It was so relaxing… Everybody should try it!”