• Students sitting in a circle
    Orientation, August 19

From the President, Fall 2018

Aug 19, 2018

In August, on the first night of 2018 Orientation, I sat in a circle with DRBU staff, faculty, and the incoming BA and MA students. Each person was invited to share a few words about why he or she had chosen to come to DRBU. As I listened to the heartfelt and moving responses, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for being a part of our DRBU community. This is a place where spending time in deep contemplation and study is valued and supported. In this community we ask difficult questions, think deeply about important issues, and learn from each other and from texts drawn from the long history of human inquiry into the meaning of life and the nature of reality. This work takes persistence, open-heartedness, and courage. It was clear at Orientation that our new students were eager to begin their journey.