• Harvesting chamomile flowers at my family's farm to make a calming tea. –Mojo Tchudi
  • Toni's fresh-picked bouquet of roses from the backyard –Stan Shoptaugh
  • The two flower pots are hanging on a lemon tree. Behind those are a plethora of flower pots. This is like a secret little garden in my backyard. When I look at them, it reminds me of us. That we're each in our little flower pot during quarantine. Waiting for that one day to be planted back in the garden bed - DRBU. –Norbel Casas
  • There isn't a moment that goes by that laughs and the feeling of unconditional love from others won't brighten my day, in this case Luke aka Tree-dog. He is sure he is a dog, but proud of climbing trees. He reminds me not to take my identity too seriously, clowning around will keep laughter in our hearts. –Kathleen Irby
  • My neighbor’s window. I thought she just had a really cool taste for window decorations. Turns out kids are putting rainbows in their windows to spread joy during these uncertain times. –Brenda Li
  • I walk alone in Tilden woods at day’s end. A small lake at that time of day is a water mirror reflecting nature. I lose myself in just staring into the pool until I can no longer tell where earth and sky, me or nature join or separate. In forgetting myself a bit, there is hope. –Marty Verhoeven (Photo 1/2)
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  • My family gives me hope. I am deeply touched by their simple, everyday gestures of generosity, kindness, and light-heartedness. They all did their part in making my graduation photoshoot wonderful, even during shelter-in-place. –Xuan Ooi
  • A 3D carved image of Guanyin. In times of suffering, agony, danger, and death. He is our refuge. –Luke Wu
  • [Mother's Day gift] No in-store shopping this year, only flowers that I secretly picked from my garden. Mom loved it :) –Lan Huang
  • This young super-hero-wannabe brings me hope. May he save the world! –Katherine Lam
  • Nature brings me hope; particularly, it always makes me ponder how much nature is just a reflection of our own nature, too. –Thao Phi

May in Photos

May 31, 2020

We asked our community to share a photo in response to the question: "What gives you hope".  See what inspires them!