• Sierra & Jamie are two of my grandchildren (brother & sister) --Stan Shoptaugh
  • Instilling Goodness Girls School. A candid photo taken one morning a few years back. I've forgotten the teacher's name, all I know is that all of the students felt really comfortable with her. --Stan Shoptaugh
  • Recently, I started to really realize the power of remaining still in present conditions. My present conditions provide an opportunity I haven't had in a while, and one I've often avoided: a simple stability, a quiet backdrop to a life that lends itself to solitude. There's a potential here, that if I could just let go within that, and not follow the urge to keep moving physical locations, keep adding new projects, keep myself busy and stimulated, my mind and heart could truly settle and work through a lot of its tumultuousness. But staying with it is terrifying and overwhelming. For me, courage to care for myself manifests as remaining with the process. Having a good friend nearby helps. --Quinn Anderson
  • This is the compost pile in my garden. When I add dead leaves, kitchen scraps, and weeds to this pile and water it, it turns into amazing soil that I can add to my garden beds. I find inspiration in this constant reminder of the power of regeneration and renewal. --Sue Rounds
  • This is my view when I lay in the park near my house. There is something so immediately soothing about this change of perspective. --Brenda Li
  • I take a walk in my neighborhood after dinner these days as part of my self-care routine :) --Lan Huang
  • These are my siblings and I. We're about to have a "siblings meeting" with a similar format like DRBU meetings with a check-in. An expression of care is naturally expressed, and so we carry onto our meeting with the theme: healing and how we assist others or how we can initiate the process within ourselves. --Norbel Casas

June in Photos

Jul 5, 2020

We asked our community to share a photo (or any artwork!)  on the theme of "Courage and Care".  

How are you taking care of yourself? Of others? What or who inspires/gives you courage to care?

See how they responded!

Musical Submissions:

"Always With Me" by Xuan Ooi
"For me, the courage to care starts from myself. This means that I believe in and work towards something I wish to do, whether it be taking care of myself more or reading up on anti-racism resources every day. Playing music helps me return to a peaceful, reassuring place inside of me, while challenging me to move forward and constantly improve. I've never learned a fingerstyle ukulele song before, so I took a couple days to learn one. My fingers hurt, yes, but now I know for myself what I can accomplish after putting my mind towards it!"

"Joy in Spring" by Justin Lee
"As I was practicing, the vibrant green trees and pure blue sky outside my window just happened to catch my gaze. They inspired me to see this song as another way to contemplate nature, something I hadn't noticed before."