• Lauren Bausch
  • This is my desk which is next to a sliding glass door that lets in the Floridian sunshine. I have a few gifts from friends here and a marigold that I picked from my backyard. Because all of my reading material is online, the extended monitor is extremely helpful, and the little Chewbacca plush helps lift my wrist so I don’t strain it. The Chinese calligraphy sunflower was painted by my sister. Xuan Ooi
  • I have a sit-stand desk that enables me to sit on my meditation bench, or in a chair, or to fully stand, or anything in between. The black & white photos are of my grandson Jamie on the left, and my son Stephen with his dog Uhsa on the right. The photos on the screens are of Dahlias at Stinson Beach. - Stan Shoptaugh
  • Xiaojuan Shu
  • I aimed to set up a study area that has a creative, caring, and encouraging vibe. So far, so good✌️ - Quinn Anderson
  • This is my little corner. Everything I need is handy most of the time. Even when the chaos is too much, I find happiness and comfort in this colorful mess. - Nahelia Aguilar Castillo
  • I've been trying to set-up my space so I have 'proper' computer posture. Unfortunately, it does not keep me from slouching. - Brenda Li
  • LI Jiao
  • Standing desk ... No chair ... Buddha icon to hide the computer :) - Ajahn Kovilo
  • Life is a bit minimalist for me right now since I have to split time between different places, so mobility is important. I'm using a small folding stand and folding chair, and my sleeping bag is adjacent. - James Nguyen
  • My standing desk shelves - Franklyn Wu
  • Balcony reading area - Franklyn Wu

January 2021 in Photos

Feb 7, 2021

The DRBU community sent in photos of their "classroom"/office space at home as classes remain on Zoom this semester.