Incense Sampler Giveaway [sign-up is closed]

Feb 8, 2021

This sampler gives you a sneak peak into the three-incense gift sets that we will launch later. The three-incense gift sets were inspired by three classics strands in DRBU’s curriculum and handmade by our two alumni Ken Cannata and Lan Huang

What are the three types of incense? 

  • “For the Buddha” /【供佛印香】, representing the Buddhist Classics strand: agarwood, sandalwood, reiryo koh, spikenard, sweet grass, and more.
  • “Guardians of the West” /【西方守護者】, representing the Western Classics strand: Western red cedar heartwood and Hojari Frankincense.
  • “Noble Orchid” /【君子如蘭】, representing the Chinese Classics strand: sandalwood, agarwood, and clove.


What’s in the sampler?

Three sticks of each type and nine in total. The sample incense is shorter than the ones in the actual gift set. Stay tuned for the official launch! 

To receive a sampler, we invite you make a pledge, please read the following instructions before you sign up: 

  • The pledge: you will meditate at least once a day for at least nine days within two weeks of receiving the sampler.  
  • After completing your pledge, you are welcome to write a few sentences about your experience and share with us. *However, this is not required. We use an honor system. 

UPDATE: As of 8pm PST, 2/12, our sign-up sheet is already full. Thank you for your interest!

Stay tuned for the official launch :)