• Something that brings me joy: monks smiling --Ajahn Kovilo
  • Taken at eco-gathering place in Marin that I volunteer with, Banyan Grove --Birju
  • The footprints might be from the fox family who lives in the woods behind my house. --Cindy
  • A fat frog stays right in front of a door in my yard, he is peeking at me. --Cindy
  • Offering flowers to the Buddha's and Bodhisattva's brings me tremendous joy. When I look at the Buddha's altars and see that they are adorned with offerings of fruits and flowers, it makes me smile from ear to ear. --Danny
  • Phoenix on the sea, so peaceful // Australia Cruise --Dr. Huang
  • Kids in Gorakghada, simple life and innocent // India Cruise --Dr. Huang
  • Kangaroo outside the Buddha Hall at Gold Coast Dharma Realm in Australia. --Cliff
  • Kangaroo mum with baby in Australia. --Cliff
  • Delight for the mind, the heart, and the soul --Huali
  • A repainted dragon at Tze Hing Monastery in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. --Jin Run Shi
  • An ox for the year of the ox in Hong Kong --Jin Run Shi
  • Buddhist Lecture Hall in Hong Kong --Jin Run Shi
  • Music and nature --Lan
  • I took these photos when I had two weeks of self-quarantine at Dragon Tree. Taking pictures helps me go through the two weeks of self-quarantine. --Meilin [1/3]
  • --Meilin [2/3]
  • --Meilin [3/3]
  • I adopted a pair of young cats, bonded brothers from the same litter. They were born outdoors and were fostered until I found them. They're getting settled in their new home, and I'm enjoying getting to know them. --Mojo
  • I'm getting more involved with kitchen projects, especially fermentation. Here's a photo of my latest batch of kimchi: it's a complex process with lots of ingredients and stages to assemble, but is amazingly flavorful! --Mojo
  • Lorikeets at lunch --Rev. Heng Sure
  • Golden Wallaby Loves Singapore Daisies! --Rev. Heng Sure
  • Lan & Yihuan, a moment shared. --Stan
  • Spring peas beginning to flower --Terri
  • Ant Crossing! Please be mindful. At Sudhana Center. --Xiaojuan
  • Going outside to water my plants brings me joy, especially when I see my marigolds blossom. I trim the flowers off and offer them on my home altar. --Xuan

February in Photos

Mar 9, 2021

We asked our community, "What brings you joy or happiness?" In response, we were pleasantly surprised by a deluge of natural and lively sights from around the world, including glimpses of our branch monasteries and vibrant wildlife. See them here.