• DRBU hosts a Conversation on Politics and Local Government after its weekly Tuesday Community Dinner in preparation for the upcoming Candidate Forum for supervisor candidates - February 4th
  • Dr. Matthew Orsborn delves into Interpreting Wisdom: Hermeneutics and Translation of the Prajñāpāramitā as a guest speaker for DRBU Symposium - February 4th
  • Daffodils sprouting out of the asphalt - a visual metaphor of strength and perseverance
  • Plum blossoms in bloom, taken on campus across from the women’s dormitory
  • Brandon and Claire (BA 3) and Classical Chinese instructor Yi-Huan present The Little Mouse Bride at the Ukiah Public Library for a Lunar New Year celebration - February 7th
  • Students Nahelia (MA 1) and Yanik (BA 3) participate in weekly Aesthetics of Pottery Class, part of the DRBU Arts Initiative - February 8th
  • DRBU Professor Bhikshuni Jin Jr and Spiritual Life Women’s Chaplain Bhikshuni Jin Deng impart insight in the Shurangama Mantra Recitation Event - February 9th
  • DRBU photographer Stan writes Japanese calligraphy guided by Dr. Ronald Nakasone as part of his Formless Form IV exhibit, showcasing at DRBU until the end of May - February 9th
  • The Self-Cultivation Check-In Group listens to Professor Doug Powers on the topic of relationships - February 11th
  • Xiaojuan (MA 2) presents her paper “Chan Master Qiyuan and Her Poems” at DRBU’s Third Annual Student Symposium - February 24th

February in Photos

Mar 2, 2020

Enjoy photos of recent events, our beautiful campus, and our wonderful community.