DRBU Students Volunteer to Help Honor Local Elders

This past November, the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas invited local senior citizens to attend Honoring Elders Day on campus. The event, which included lunch as well as dance and musical performances, was organized by the students of Instilling Goodness Elementary and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools. This year for the first time, DRBU students volunteered to cook lunch for the event.

It took the DRBU group a week to prepare lunch for over five hundred people who attended the event. Trevor Yoho, BA 2019, served as the lead cook, and several other students and staff joined in the volunteer effort.

"It was a big event to take on. We worked hard and had a lot of fun. It is a different experience when it's not for yourself but for others. It was a great opportunity to hang out and work on something together," said Jason Tseng.

The event was covered in the local newspaper, The Ukiah Daily JournalCity of 10,000 Buddhas: Elders treated royally in Talmage.