Dharma Realm Buddhist University on the Radio

Aug 14, 2016

This week DRBU was featured on KPFA 94.1 FM, a San Francisco Bay Area community supported radio station. Professor Doug Powers was the guest on the program “The Talkies,” hosted by Kris Welch, on August 9. Professor Powers teaches in the BA and MA programs at DRBU and also serves as the VP for Finance and Administration. He was one of the early disciples of the founder of the University, Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, having met him in 1973.

Prof. Powers gave listeners a taste of what life is like at DRBU, describing the rural and monastic setting, the nature and structure of the programs, and what DRBU’s progress in applying for WASC accreditation means for the University. Here is an excerpt from the interview in which he describes one of DRBU’s goals and means for achieving it:

What we basically have is a non-lacking human that has incredible breadth of consciousness and has incredible capacities. And what we need to do is work together to share those capacities and help each other. So, how to do that? We need to get back to where the ground of that wisdom and insight is...So the main purpose of the University is to provide people with a set of skills, in terms of reading texts, studying texts, having conversation based upon an equality of discussion, having practices that put the texts into practice—rather than just studying them as an abstraction—and working together as a community.

You can access the interview with Prof. Powers in the KPFA archives here. The DRBU portion of the show begins at 16:40.