COVID Safety Protocols at DRBU

Aug 11, 2021


DRBU Covid-19 Safety Protocols: Quick Reference 

As DRBU prepares for reopening in-person, many safety measures and protocols have been put into place to keep the university and wider community safe and healthy. This article is adapted from a safety presentation given by DRBU’s Associate Dean of Students, Yuen-Lin Tan.

DRBU aims to protect everyone’s health and safety, both in the short term and long term. We are also mindful of those who are more vulnerable in the community. The student experience and community’s quality of life are important to balance with respect to safety measures. We will allow as many campus activities as possible and hope to foster a more relaxed environment in the dorms.

We gathered extensive data and best practices to contribute to DRBU’s safety plan. Our safety planning team took into consideration public health practices, COVID-related science (including the latest data on variants), and other schools’ plans in addition to consultation with DRBU and CTTB personnel. Furthermore, we considered domestic and experiences abroad, as well as the local and regional COVID situation. It is a fluid situation with much of the world unvaccinated, and new variants may arise. We will monitor the situation closely and adjust, relaxing or tightening protocols as appropriate.

Given the knowns, unknowns, and what is at stake, our approach for the fall semester will be to start cautiously to protect against the Delta surge and allow time for more clarity on factors, such as variants, vaccine performance, and the outcomes of various reopening approaches.
Assuming local risk level remains significant, we will not rely solely on vaccination to
protect people and prevent chains of transmission. We are adding proven safety measures, carefully balancing impacts on experience and quality of life. 

Three design goals were kept in mind for DRBU’s safety plan: 

1. Avoid exposure off campus
2. Reduce risk of transmission on campus
3. Rapidly detect and contain infection

Read about our detailed protocols here