• A cluster of lily pads floating on the lake in front of my house in Grantville, GA :) –Kristina Zavaleta
    A cluster of lily pads floating on the lake in front of my house in Grantville, GA :) –Kristina Zavaleta
  • Off a computer screen: An electronic reflection of the sunset over the Bosporus. Electronic time and views and East-West perceptions –Snjezana Akpinar
  • “Everything that has a beginning has an end. Make your peace with that and all will be well.” ― Jack Kornfield, Buddha's Little Instruction Book –Brandon Lannon
  • One little corner of reality –Donna Farmer
  • Celebrating Toni’s Birthday 4/21 –Stan Shoptaugh
  • When I miss my friends, I bow to the eighty-eight Buddhas. Hanging out with the buddhas feels so awesome :) –Lan Huang
  • I usually don’t ‘see’ flowers, now I see them more. -Brenda Li
  • So many places to go, and vistas to see, if only we looked closer. –Ken Cannata
  • This is Tezzy. She doesn't like to fetch, but she'll run around with a ball in her mouth for hours. Here she is, circling a pile of furniture. –Quinn Anderson
  • This is my new classroom setup in my family home in South Florida, where I am sheltering in place with my mom and three sisters. I'm just about to start writing my strand paper for my Lotus Sutra class. I've written out a detailed outline about exploring the theme of faith, or confidence, and its characteristics; and, I hope to learn how to cultivate confidence within myself after finishing my paper! I keep some parting gifts on my desk, a bamboo scroll with the Heart Sutra on it from one of my professors, a cat alebrije from Mexico from my classmate, and a necklace with the Shurangama Mantra inside which hangs from my desk lamp. –Xuan Ooi
  • At a time when death is on everyone’s mind, I think it’s important to treasure the life around us. This is Gorey. He’s an air plant. I named him after my favorite poet, Edward Gorey. He lives in a special tea cup on my window sill, where he can bask in the sun. When I need to ground myself, I take him out and hold him in my hands while I meditate. Yes, the world can be dangerous and scary. But I can do this much. I can nurture this little life. –Phoenix Winters
  • Out on a sunset bike ride, I felt extra attuned to the warmth of the air, the beauty of the wildflowers and the presence of the water. –Meghan Sweet
  • Here’s my portable drying rack, drying cloth shopping bags. I have my own hand-laundry system at home, to avoid apartment laundry machines and the ability to wash cloth whenever I want. –Jason Tseng
  • Left: a small buddha statue with a flower origami from commencement. Reminds me of the Shurangama Mantra. Middle: Jesus Christ. Right: Picture of Shakyamuni Buddha. I encounter them everyday in the morning with Morning Ceremony. A simple glance, absolves negative thinking or feelings. –Norbel Casas
  • My Ukiah family! :) –Christine Buck
  • Meditation with water calligraphy in peaceful afternoons. :) –Xiaojuan Shu
  • Distancing, disappointing, disappearing; distancing, disappearing, disappointing; disappointing, distancing, disappearing; disappointing, disappearing, distancing; disappearing, distancing, disappointing; disappearing, disappointing, distancing. –Jiaying Chen

April in Photos

May 3, 2020

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