“Adulting in the Dharma” Retreat Offered Participants a Day for Personal Reflection

Feb 21, 2017

Sixty participants joined a one-day retreat at the Sudhana Center on December 10 organized by DRBU Extension Rev. Heng Sure led them in investigating what it means to grow up in today’s world guided by the tools that the Dharma offers. The Buddha’s teachings provide a dynamic and engaged approach to answering these questions: Am I growing up? Who will I be? Will I choose my path wisely when the crossroads appear? 

One participant reflected afterward on what he had learned: “Can I be vigilant and watch my mad mind every moment before it makes me unhappy? If I can see the mind’s workings and stop using it unskillfully, couldn’t I find real freedom of mind? Wouldn’t my days be happier?” 

Another participant reflected that “growing up is not about getting what you want and being in control; rather, an ability to not give in to one’s negative emotions—to be the master of oneself. Indeed there’s something deep inside, as we all have Buddha-nature inside us.”