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Introducing... The DRBU Podcast!

Sep 10, 2021

Check out the inaugural DRBU podcast episode by MA ‘23 students Sashank Aryal and Sanju Baral!

The Art of Translation - Transforming Poetry into Songs

Jun 13, 2021

Students in the BA and MA degree programs and the Graduate Certificate in Buddhist Translation program have ample opportunities to try their hand at translating from classical Chinese and Sanskrit.

hint of haze—sjon '24

Nov 17, 2020

there is no hint of haze on the nose. the air is crisp with a pine aromatic. the body is thin, with no humidity, and the content is dry; yet the flavor of the day is full and round, the way mid-...

A Musical Offering

Nov 9, 2020

We asked our community to share a little of their musical side! What is musical creativity for you? What is your experience of making music? What's your history with music?

I Have Always Been Attracted To A Reclusive Life—Simon MA'21

Oct 7, 2020

I have always been attracted to a reclusive life. In the Buddhist tradition, that is usually how one can get enlightened, through solitude.

It Feels Ominous Seeing The Smoke—Abigail MA'22

Oct 7, 2020

Watching the sky change reminds me of an analogy in the Platform Sutra. Master Huineng likened the sky to our essential nature and the clouds to be our afflictions. The sky remains the same as the...

Where Do I Go From Here?— Xuan TC'21

Oct 6, 2020

I’ve been home in South Florida ever since DRBU made it mandatory for all students to shelter-in-place elsewhere.

I Encountered Parts Of Myself That I Had Forgotten—Nahelia MA'21

Oct 6, 2020

I´ve been thinking about how to express my feelings and just recently I found an interview with the tibetan nun, Tenzin Palmo.