Spiritual Life News

How To Not Feel Aimless?

May 3, 2020

Often we may be plagued by a sense of aimlessness. So, how can we not feel aimless?

The Essentials of Self-Cultivation Haven’t Changed Over Time

May 3, 2020

The following is an excerpt of Professor Martin Verhoeven’s talk as part of the university’s Self-Cultivation Check-in program offered by the Spiritual Life team on April 26.

Professor Doug Powers: How can I make sense of what’s going on right now?

Apr 6, 2020

We asked Professor Doug Powers for advice on the current COVID-19 situation. The following is his response:

3 Unexpected Things to Replace Your Morning Coffee With

Mar 2, 2020

Waking up is hard!Some of us dive into a cup of coffee first thing in the morning; others prefer a nice cup of tea.

Professor Doug Powers: What is suffering?

Mar 2, 2020

We asked Professor Doug Powers the following questions: What is the suffering that the Buddha talks about? Do I have to ride the waves of emotions at all times in my life?

Professor Doug Powers: Does the Buddha still have preferences?

Feb 4, 2020

We asked Professor Doug Powers about the role of personal preferences for cultivators. The following is his response:

Professor Doug Powers: What is freedom?

Jan 7, 2020

Professor Doug Powers discusses freedom of mind in the context of our modern experience:

Fall 2019 Weekend Self-Cultivation Workshops

Oct 25, 2019

DRBU is unique in that self-cultivation is a crucial aspect of its pedagogy; learning and self-transformation are intimately

DRBU students help launch Dharma Radio station

May 13, 2019

Over the last year, a team of volunteers that included DRBU students and staff have worked to create Dharma Radio, an online radio station that features Buddhist ceremonies, meditation, and le