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Spring in Photos

Apr 16, 2022

We asked community members to share photos of what spring looks like to them. See what’s blossomed.We asked community members to share photos of what spring looks like to them.

Mini-Walking Pilgrimages During COVID Times

Sep 10, 2021

“World peace would come when enough people attain inner peace.”— Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981)

Interview with Oren Jay Sofer--Right Speech and Right Livelihood: Trusting the Heart and Seeing the Whole

Aug 18, 2021

Oren has crafted a life for himself while staying true to his deeper values. He takes us through his existential process of learning to listen to his inner voice and how through doing so,...

Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion in Precarious Times with Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo

Jul 11, 2021

A keynote speech given by Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo on May 22, 2021. The video is also available on Youtube.

What Are You Doing This Summer?

Jul 11, 2021

DRBU community members share what they are up to this summer. See the photo slideshow above. 

Wonders of the World

May 9, 2021

We asked our community, "Share a wonder from your world or the world!" 

Patience and stillness are not just sitting for an hour

Apr 12, 2021

Below is an edited excerpt from an online class, taught by Professor Doug Powers.

Know that You Can Make a Difference- An Interview with Board Member Cynthia Chang

Mar 9, 2021

DRBU board member, Cynthia Chang, has been an active participant in her community for decades. In addition to serving on DRBU’s board, she has been serving on her local school board since the 90s.