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Sudhana Center Renewal Project

Aug 2, 2020

Our staff have been working tirelessly to prepare for our students' arrival to Sudhana Center! Catch a glimpse of the updates and changes to what will be our students’ home for the fall semester.

DRBU Alumnus Leads DRBU Courtyard Construction

Jan 29, 2020

Written by a DRBU MA Student In the beginning of May 2019, soon-to-be graduate of DRBU Bachelor’s program, Alex Wang, began his role as project coordinator of the construction of the DRBU...

Students Create the Venerable Master Legacy Club

Jan 29, 2020

At the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, four students, Quinn Anderson (BA 1), Omar Masera Astier (MA 1), Nahelia Aguilar Castillo (MA 1), and Kristina Zavaleta (BA 4) created the Venerable Master...

The Spirit of Creativity at DRBU

Nov 28, 2019

Creativity lies at the heart of a liberal arts education. Philosopher Martha Nussbaum pointed how art frees the mind, stating, “artists . . . always ask the imagination to move beyond its usual...

Summer Break: A Reflection on Moving from Theory to Practice

Jun 16, 2019

By Warren Chew (BA Class 2022)Ultimately, for philosophy to be transformative, I must transcend theoretical understanding and put it into practice. The lessons I have learned at DRBU should be...

Embracing Community at DRBU

May 17, 2019

In their spare time outside of studying, spiritual practice, and service scholarship, students at DRBU often participate in community building activities and local events in Mendocino County. On...

Recent Student Activities

Apr 18, 2019

Art Club The Ten Thousand Hands Art Club was established in the fall of 2018 to create a comfortable and creative space for the learning, practice, and appreciation of art and art-making. Club...

Service Scholarship and Lessons in Gratitude

Mar 4, 2019

By Warren Chew (BA Class 2022)Communicating how I feel to others is equal parts frustrating and satisfying. It is difficult to verbalize in conversation, so I often resort to writing as my emotional...

Languages and Art Added to Growing Roster of DRBU Student Clubs

Jan 5, 2019

Alongside service-scholarship (work-study), spiritual practice, and classes, students at DRBU continue to channel their passions into DRBU student organizations. This semester, students started new...

Life on Campus

Oct 31, 2018

Students are busy attending classes, writing papers, and doing service scholarship work, but they still find time to participate in a wide variety of activities occurring on and off campus. So far...