Supporting DRBU Students

Each DRBU student has an inspiring story; each is on a journey, looking for a kind of education that cannot be found elsewhere.

Beyond basic curiosity, a prospective DRBU student must possess a suitable mix of skills and personal qualities. To gain admission to either the bachelor’s or master’s program, the applicant must pass a rigorous admissions process that involves submitting personal essays and other documentation and meeting with multiple members of the faculty and administrative staff.

The student body that emerges from this process works together in a mutually supportive manner as they learn and grow, academically and spiritually. In keeping with the norms of the monastic community whose campus they share, they eat vegetarian food, dress modestly, and abide by other codes of conduct.

Many students note that they observe transformation within themselves in the space of a few months.

DRBU students’ commitment to the University’s success is unparalleled. They give back in many ways, offering expertise gained during their pre-DRBU lives and helping to spread the word about this unusual opportunity for learning.

Giving to DRBU’s Annual Fund helps support students. Contributions to the DRBU Annual Fund support academic programs, enrich student life, and meet pressing needs. The Annual Fund covers a range of budget items both in and outside the classroom—everything from cleaning supplies to medical personnel salaries to hiking, knitting, or other club activities.

Giving to DRBU’s Scholarship Fund helps support students. Total DRBU tuition and fees are (for the 2016-2017 academic year) $28,000 for undergraduate students and $21,000 for graduate students living on campus. DRBU strives to remove financial barriers faced by accepted students, and will waive some or all of these expenses in cases of financial need. Approximately 70% of DRBU students receive some form of financial aid.

Giving to DRBU's Endowment Fund helps support students. The University’s Endowment Fund provides a perpetual source of support for DRBU and its mission. Gifts to the endowment may be designated to fund student life or for other specific, related purposes.

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