What is Embodied Learning? DRBU Virtual Open House

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What is Embodied Learning? DRBU Virtual Open House

A key principle in Buddhist education stresses the need for educating the “whole person” or “integrated knowledge”—across and within the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions of an individual. The texts have different reference terms for this: “non-duality” “embodied wisdom,” “knowing for yourself” “doing philosophy,” or simply “recentering.”

Dharma Realm Buddhist University is not just a series of courses, nor even simply a philosophical way of thinking, but a way of fully being a person. Or, echoing Pierre Hadot, “it is philosophy as a way of life.”

Our virtual open house gives prospective students and visitors a chance to meet current teaching faculty, speak with admissions staff, and learn about DRBU’s unique pedagogy.

Come join us Tues Feb 8 7:30PM PST and hear directly from Dean of Academics, Professor Martin Verhoeven, and Associate Dean of Program Development, Professor Stacy Chen!