Student Symposium Call for Submissions

DRBU Symposium Committee is excited to invite you to mark your calendars for: 

The Sixth Annual DRBU Student Symposium: Monday, March 13, 2023. 

On this date, DRBU will host the Student Symposium in lieu of classes, welcoming the entire university community—students, faculty, and staff—to attend. This day-long event (morning, lunch + late afternoon session) consists of paper presentations and textual recitations by you, the student body! 

This event brings the DRBU community together to foster scholarship, encourage personal transformation and public speaking, and facilitate cross-cohort shared inquiry. All students, BA, MA, and TC, are eligible (and strongly encouraged!) to present written work or perform a recitation from any DRBU class they are currently taking or have taken in the past. We hope each and every one of you will consider presenting! 

To present at the Symposium, there are two requirements:

  1. Be a DRBU student
  2. Submit required materials for your paper, panel or recitation using this Submission Google Form before the deadline of Sunday, February 12, 2023.   (Submission Materials & Guidelines below) 

Submission Materials & Guidelines: 

  • Paper Submissions: 

Submit: 1) paper title and 2) an abstract (max 200 words) describing your topic. 

The paper should be based on written work submitted for any DRBU course and/or read by a faculty member. Seniors are welcome to present part of their Senior Essay. On writing abstracts, you may find this website or this list of tips useful. 


  • Panel Submissions: 

Submit: 1) panel title 2) abstract (max 250 words) on the theme/content of the panel.
3) the names of all participants,  4) the titles of each participant’s paper. 5) the name of the Chair of the panel. (The Chair's job is to introduce the panel theme, introduce the speakers on the panel, and facilitate the Q & A during the presentation. The Chair can be a student or a faculty member.) For example, you may wish to organize a panel around the papers written by you and a few fellow students for a certain class (such as “Hermeneutics of Practice”), or you may look for other students (including cross-cohort) who want to present on a similar theme or on the same text (such as “Plato’s Apology” or “the Rāmāyaṇa). Confirm all panelists and collect their paper titles before making the submission.

  • Recitation Submissions: 

Students are invited to individually or as a group perform short memorized recitations of a passage, poem, or dialogue from any text within the curriculum. You will be asked to briefly introduce your text before reciting it. Last year, the recitation performances were a big hit. We had group recitations of the Heart Sūtra in Sanskrit and a scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as well as individual recitations of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73,  Master Yongjia’s Zhengdao ge (Song of Enlightenment), and a translation of Tripitaka Master Yijing's poem “Obtaining the Scriptures from the Western Regions.”

Submit: 1) title of the text, 2) bibliographic citation, and 3) a short introduction to your selection (max. 150 words). Recitation slots will be filled first-come-first-serve so please submit early! 

Note that the texts of all accepted Abstracts will be included in the printed event program as well as in announcements for the event. 

Presentation Length: 

  • Individual Papers: 10 minutes plus additional time for Q & A. 
  • Panel Papers: TBA (less than 10 min each) 
  • Recitations: 5 minutes including introduction. 

(We will be in touch confirming the exact allotted time, as it will depend on how many submissions we receive.)

When choosing to present a paper or recitation, choose something that is meaningful to you or represents a milestone in your process of developing inherent wisdom. To accommodate all students, please make only one submission, with the exception of students joining group recitations (who may also submit a paper/panel presentation, if they wish.)   Again, the deadline for all submissions is Sunday, February 12, 2023

If you need assistance preparing your submission materials or presentations, please reach out to your writing tutors and instructors. 

We look forward to celebrating your discoveries in close reading and shared inquiry!

If you have questions, please email: