Human Consciousness and AI: Is There Anything Unique About the Human Mind?

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It’s a fact: AI, the latest leap in technological innovation, has arrived. Tasks that were once the exclusive domain of human skill, such as artistic creativity, text comprehension, and nuanced conversation, can now be executed by machines in a matter of milliseconds.

As we contemplate these machines that exhibit eerily human-like behavior, a profound question arises: If a machine can be trained to think, create, and speak like a human, then what truly defines humanity?

For over 2,500 years, Buddhist thinkers have been exploring the nature of the mind and its various functions. Can Buddhist thought offer insight into the essence of being human in this age of technological transformation?

Join us in conversation with Professor Doug Powers, a long-time Buddhist practitioner, as we delve into what, if anything, makes the human mind unique. Bring your questions for the Q&A session at the end, and let's explore together!

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