Aesthetics of Pottery

Exploring Forms for Kitchen, Table, and Garden

Pottery Class 
Saturdays, 9:00 - 11:00 am

February 8 - May 9
Art Studio [Map]
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The DRBU Arts Initiative presents the Aesthetics of Pottery class. Learn all aspects of completing a clay project: wheeling and throwing techniques, trimming, slab-rolling, hand-building, decorating, and glazing. Create pieces, both sculptural and utilitarian, for the kitchen, table, and garden. As a maker, express aesthetics through individual details. Projects can range from bowls and cups to tiles, planters, or birdbaths. 

Bowl or cup—explore design and decoration. What will the bowl be used for? How does the design reflect that use? 

Tile—explore size and function. How will the tile be used? Is it for hanging on the wall or for use in the kitchen or bath on a multiple-tile project?

Planter or birdbath—explore structure and style. Will it be whimsical or oriented toward decorative qualities? How will it stand in the garden? 


$80 Registration

$20 Materials

Registration is complimentary for DRBU, IGDVS, and the CTTB community. Service scholarships and financial aid are available upon request. Please email for an application form.


Michael Owen

Sarah Kennedy Owen


Participants of all ages and levels of experience are welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Space is limited.



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