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Explore What It Means to Be Fully Human

WASC accredited Dharma Realm Buddhist University is set apart because of its focus on classics from both the Asian and Western traditions. Classes are small, with between 5 and 15 students. There are no majors or concentrations; instead, students study an ambitious cross section of philosophy, literature, music, science, mathematics, and languages. Texts are not just read, but they are also explored in practice for what they mean in daily life.


Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program

Graduate Certificate in Buddhist Translation

Learning that is Deeply Self-­Reflective
Integrate Theory and Practice
A Core Curriculum: East and West

DRBU is a place that welcomes a diversity of experience and thought and is dedicated to developing the full human potential

BA Student, Class of 2023
Residential Life
Our residential program empowers students to lead and contribute to community life at DRBU. Most BA and MA students live on campus.
Service Scholarship
DRBU Service Scholarship allows students to receive financial aid through work study and serve in many essential functions at DRBU. Thus far, all of our students have graduated without student debt.
Spiritual Life
As a Buddhist institution, DRBU is committed to supporting the spiritual pursuits of students from all religious and spiritual traditions.
Student Activities
Student activities at DRBU include art, music, poetry, yoga, tai chi, tea culture, ceramics, cooking, nature, hiking, health and wellness, writing, movies, learning new languages, and so much more.

Campus Life

A Community Culture of Ethics and Care

At DRBU, students gain opportunities to engage in hands-on learning through student activities, volunteering, and service scholarship. They develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as an appreciation for the personal, social, and natural world that are invaluable aspects of a DRBU education. Merely taking part in such a community can be one of the most beneficial and inspiring experiences among all the opportunities at DRBU.

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I've had insights from spiritual practice that would have been difficult to arrive at in a classroom, yet the classroom learning gives me a rich, conceptual framework that helps explain what I experience.

Yuen-Lin, DRBU Alumnus

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Prospective students are encouraged to visit our campus in Ukiah to meet our faculty and students in person, observe classes, attend special events, or participate in week long retreats to decide if the unique study environment at DRBU is a good match for their educational aims.