Seminar on Reading & Translating Buddhist Texts (Faculty list)

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Faculty Profiles

Fedde de Vries

Ernie Waugh

Michael Lu

Gavin Ding is a recent graduate of DRBU. During his time at the University, he attended the translation seminar and studied Classical Chinese for two and a half years. Through the language courses, he gained a foundational understanding of the nature of translation, that is, the conveyance of messages across different cultural conditions. Through shared inquiry, he gained a firm grasp of Classical Chinese thinking, along with how they are being interpreted in the English language. He is a humble student of the Classical texts and an aspiring Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. 


Special Lecturers

Bhikshuni Heng Chih

Chris Wen-Chao Li received his masters and doctoral degrees in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology from Oxford University, where his research focused on Mandarin sound change and Chinese phonology. He is the author of A Diachronically-Motivated Segmental Phonology of Mandarin Chinese (New York: Peter Lang, 1999), The Routledge Course in Chinese Media Literacy (London: Routledge, 2016) and numerous scholarly treatises on language and translation. His translations of Chinese prose and poetry have appeared in Renditions (Hong Kong) and The Chinese Pen (Taipei), and Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies (London). His current research interests include sound change, language contact, diglossia, standardization, phonological translation, and domesticating translation strategies.

Program Coordinator

Bhikshuni Heng Yi