Men’s Dorm Talks (and Drinks) Tea

On Thursday nights the residents of the DRBU men's dorm and a few faculty members have been gathering for a "Guys' Tea Night."

"My idea was to get us all together in a moment of sharing and enjoying good tea," says Trevor Yoho, BA class of 2019. "We sample a variety of teas and talk about what is going on at DRBU."

Kenneth Cannata, DRBU class of 2009, who currently works in the tea business, sent a special tea care package that the guys have been learning about. Some of the favorites include: aged Puers, wild mountain chrysanthemum, and some beautiful hand-picked white teas. Burning incense, as well as pairing some of the teas with mooncakes, have helped to make the weekly event a true cultural experience.

Cannata says about the teas, "One of the teas I sent is called Yang Luo Han or "Goat Arhat". Its name is a play on another type of tea called Tie Luo Han or "Iron Arhat".  I thought that it would be fun to share a bunch of great teas and some rare incense.”

Yoho is looking forward to setting up a similar weekly gathering for the broader DRBU community.